Most RVers are aware there are hundreds of thousands of full-time RV Nomads actively traversing the country at any given moment. For the rest of society, however, this reality lives as a hidden mystery.

Eric Odom

In early 2017, 38 year old entrepreneur and avid traveler Eric Odom stumbled across a young couple “wall-docking” at a Walmart in Iowa while on a business trip. He struck up a conversation with them to discover they ran a successful eCommerce platform from the comfort of their home on wheels.

“It was like pulling the sword from the stone,” said Odom. “This young couple unplugged from the matrix and could go anywhere, any time they wanted. They were free in ways most of us only dream of. I had to know more. I had to explore how they pulled this off and I wanted to see a long form story about the movement they were now a part of.”

Odom didn’t find a documentary about it on any of the big distribution platforms. So he decided to produce one of his own to go share this epic story with the rest of the world.

RV Nomads was born.

After partnering with several full-time RVers, building a vision and crafting a basic story blueprint, the project began to take shape. And before the team knew it they had hundreds of full-time RVers applying to be a part of the story.

“We very quickly went from feeling as though we would be all alone in creating this to feeling like there is a movement backing the project. This journey is incredible and speaks volumes about the passionate community behind the movement,” Odom added. He went on to say “Now here we are in August of 2018, nearly a year after the project initially took shape, and production is complete, we’re in post-production and we’ve got an epic story in the can just itching to be shared with everyone who will consume it.”

Nomadic Life Films was created to facilitate the project and the hard work began.

The project was a massive undertaking. To make matters more challenging, the team committed from day one to only work with RVers to produce the film. A new tribe of RV Nomads began to develop around the project and what would typically cost hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars became realistic with a budget of only $125,000. This due to the collaborative environment that was organically created around the effort.

In early 2018, before production began, the team developed the framework for a custom content delivery network. This became EPIC Nomad TV with a socially engaging community platform at EPICNomad.Life.

The project found itself embraced by the RV industry, bringing together partnerships with companies such as Dometic, Lippert, National Indoor RV Centers, WeBoost, Roadmaster, Battle Born Lithium, Zamp Solar, Escapees, RV Water Filter Store, TechnoRV and many more.

The RV Nomads story is just getting started, according to programming leadership at Nomadic Life Films. The studio is already planning production for a sequel to be filmed and released in 2019. This in addition to a plethora of episodic programming being created for distribution at ENTV.

Odom has lived in an RV since October of 2017. He travels in a 36 foot Class A motorhome.